Norfolk Glass Artists working in Scotland

Originally Norfolk-based glass artists Mike and Sue Hunter have just reached 20 years of Twists Glass Studio which they founded in 1998.  Now based in the Scottish Borders, Twists Glass Studio is a multi award winning studio with designer makers Mike and Sue designing and making everything themselves.  Their work can be seen as far afield as Chile to New Zealand, and even in the Falkland Islands.

This award winning duo spends time every year since 2006 giving demonstrations and presentations in the USA, from Millville NJ, Austin TX, Tulsa OK, Chicago IL, Tacoma WA, Marlboro MA, Norfolk VA, plus Cologne in Germany and various places in the UK.

Mike specialises in cane work something he has been practicing since 1981 and is renown for making to museum quality, from murine and paperweights to blown pieces using Venetian cane skills, all of which he taught himself.

When asked if there is something that he really misses about Norfolk he will simply reply “samphire”.