Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers/Contemporary Glass Society/Facebook

Twists Glass Studio joined the CGS for the first time this year and this week they have featured us on their Facebook site. It was interesting to look back on some “one of one” designs that I had made in the past but also they reminded me that I had been twice finalist for a Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Award. This was so long ago that I had to look up the dates, the first time was when I was working elsewhere as production master in 1994. I seem to remember that I took a candelabra (about 60 cms in ht) made using a blue and white double series twist, the same twist that I practiced on at Wedgwood in the late 1970’s. The second time was in 2001 and Twists Glass Studio was 3 years old, I took a pair of large covered goblets using multiple Venetian techniques which included gold and silver leaf, these stood about 46 cm high, I actually made about 6-7 of this particular design. Unfortunately I can only find bad photos of these but will post them anyway.

It seems like a long time ago now, then only recently we found out that we have been finalists for the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2019 in the Artisanal category with our “merletto” design “Lyra” (third photo, 33 cms ht) and “Teardrop” (not shown). As an artist I feel it important for my work to evolve and these three photos show how I have persevered in being self taught in cane work techniques. I am currently interested and working on the art of micro mosaics, or picture cane murine, another specialist technique.