I have noticed that there seems to be a bit of a paperweight revival going on at the moment. With the collectors this has skipped a generation, and it’s the grandchildren who are now collecting. Also there seems to be a few younger makers and dealers on the scene. Paperweights have had a bad reputation […]

We had a good show at the NGF;  saw lots of friends.  And despite the rumours, we are still in a very progressive making and designing mode as some of the new work shows.  Last week we made some bowls and vases using some old filigree/latticinio incalmo cups that date back to 1999-2000.  These worked […]

Twists Glass Studio team of Mike and Sue Hunter returned from their successful trip to the US.  The event was the bi-annual “Paperweight Fest” organised by the Delaware Valley PCA chapter and Wheaton Arts in Millville, New Jersey.  Wheaton Arts houses “The Creative Glass Centre of America”. Mike gave two short presentations which were very […]

Twists Glass Studio partner Michael James Hunter was the first glass maker in the UK to use Venetian style cane making in studio glass.  Much of today’s “cane work” is actually sandblasted or trailed, a continuous thread of molten colour that actually wraps a spiral around the core of glass when turned. Cane making is […]

Mike and Sue from Twists Glass will be showing at the BCTF Harrogate on the 8th-10th April, and this will be the first time their jewellery “Faith” will be shown at the show. “Faith” combines Mike’s Venetian style cane-work techniques with solid silver for both pendants and earrings. Come and check it out on stand […]