Twists Glass founders Mike and Sue Hunter will be showing at the Glass Fair, Knebworth on Sunday 25th Feb, so if you didn’t find what you wanted at Collect come and see Sue and Mike.

Twists Glass Studio is based in Selkirk, a small town on the A7 between Hawick and Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders. Twists Glass Studio operates from Forest Mill, which was an old Victorian textile mill now modernised and turned into manufacturing units. Mike first came to the Scottish Borders in the 1980’s where he was […]

In 1745 the air-twist glass was designed to produce a lighter glass due to an increase in tax of 1 penny per pound of the raw materials used to produce most glasses. Made as they were in the 18th Century, but with a modern look, a marriage of style with tradition. Twists are recognised as […]

“Faith” jewellery, un-hallmarked silver and zanfirico cane make this range stylish, modern and classy, available with matching earrings.