Michael James Hunter, born 1958, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Susan Jane Hunter, (formerly Barrett) born 1960, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

2008. Susan and I received a Royal Command to attend Holyrood Palace from the Lord High Commissioner HRM Prince Andrew, for our work for the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Sheilagh Kesting.

2006, Susan was awarded the UK Trade & Investments, North American Scholarship, to attend Kellogg’s Business School of Management, Illinois USA


May 16th 2024 Presentation at the PCA Conference Warwick RI USA.

May 2019, Demonstration at the Flint Institute of Art glass hot shop, also a collaborative demo with US artist David Graeber for PCA convention, Flint & Dearborn, MI.

2018  Presentation, April. Paperweight Fest, WheatonArts, Creative Glass Centre of America, Millville, NJ, USA.
2018  Presentation, March. NPS, Cumbria, UK.
2017  Presentation, NEPCA, Marlboro, Nr Boston, MA, USA.
2017  Demonstration for PCA, Chrysler Museum of Glass hot shop, Norfolk, VA, USA.
2017  Solo Demonstration for the Chrysler Museum of Glass hot shop, Norfolk, VA, USA.
2017  Presentation for L.H.Selman, Chicago, IL, USA.
2016  Presentation, PCC, England.

2016  Collaborative demonstration with US artists Colin Richardson and Chris Sherwin, WheatonArts, Creative Glass Centre of America, Millville, NJ, USA.
2016  Presentation, TPCA, Austin, Texas, USA.
2016  Presentation, OPCA Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

2015 Collaborative demonstration with Colin Richardson at Tacoma Museum of Glass Tacoma WI USA
2014  Presentation for L.H.Selman, Chicago, IL, USA.
2014  Collaborative demonstration with Colin Richardson at WheatonArts, Creative Glass Centre of America, NJ, USA.
2013  Studio demonstration to glass students from Edinburgh University.
2012  Presentation for L.H.Selman, Chicago, IL, USA.
2011  Presentation for PCC, Cologne, Germany.
2010 Creative Scotland Award to attend Pino Signoretto masterclass, and a Michael Schunke masterclass USA.
2010  Two Demonstrations at Edinburgh College of Art, 400 years of Scottish Glass, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2010  Demonstration at the Dial Glassworks, for the National Glass Festival, Stourbridge, England.
2010  Presentation and demonstration at WheatonAtrs, Creative Glass Centre of America, Millville, NJ, USA.
2008  Demonstration at WheatonArts, Creative Glass Centre of America, Millville, NJ, USA.
2006  Richard Marquis masterclass, Northlands Creative Glass, Scotland.
2006  Presentation at the Paperweight Fest, WheatonArts, Creative Glass Centre of America, Millville, NJ, USA.
1999  Demonstration at Broadfields House Glass Museum, Stourbridge, England.
1998  Founded Twists Glass Studio.
1989  Employed as production master at Lindean Mill Glass.
1986  Earned title “master glassmaker” at Welsh Royal Crystal, Wales, UK.
1974  Apprentice at Wedgwood Glass, King’s Lynn. Studied under Ronald Stennet-Wilson former head of Industrial Glass Design RCA.


2022, BCTF Award. Winner of the Pyramid Gallery Award for Excellence.

2019, Tableware International Awards of Excellence “Artisanal” runner up to Moser with “Lyra”.

2016. Cabin Award to explore making pixelated murrine without using a glass melting furnace.

2015. Creative Scotland Award to attend PCA Conference, and do a collaborative demonstration with US artist Colin Richardson at the Tacoma Museum of Glass WA, USA.

2015, Silver Award, Craft and Design Awards.
2012, Finalist for Craft and Design Awards.
2010, Scottish Arts Council Award for Professional Development.

2010,  Twists Glass Studio named a Top 100 Business in the Barclays Trading Places Awards
2010, Creative Scotland/Cabin Award for research into addressing the environmental challenges to blow glass without using a glass-melting furnace.
2009-10, Scottish Borders Business Excellence Award, International Trader of the Year, Finalist.
2009, Award for Excellence, BCTF Winner.
2006, Northlands bursary, Creative Scotland, for Richard Marquis Masterclass.
2005, G.A. Winner. Best British Design to be sold in a Gallery or Museum.
2004, G.A. Winner. Best British Design to be sold in a Gallery or Museum.
2002, Vibes Award, Caring for the Environment, Winner.
2002, G.A. Winner, Best UK Collectable.
2002, Balvenie Scottish Artisan of the Year Winner. (later became a national award)
2001, Finalist for The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Award.
1999, Finalist Best Business Start Up, Association of Scottish Business Women.
1994, Finalist for The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Award.

Published Articles:

PCA Bulletin 2024 “50 Years in Glassmaking 25 Years of Twists Glass Studio”.

PCA Bulletin 2021 “A Personal Progress”.

PCA Bulletin 2020 “Fun With Cane!”.

PCC Newsletter 131 Nov 2019 “Murrine Madness”.

PCC Newsletter 127 July 2018 “Shadows and Colours”.
PCC Newsletter 127 July 2018 “Old Habits are Hard to Break”.
PCA Bulletin 2018 “A Norfolk Assemblage”.
PCC Newsletter 2010 “Wheaton Trip, Paperweight Fest”.


PCA Bulletin 2024. Mentioned in the article “Salamander/Lizard Paperweights, Antique and Modern pg 13.

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Selected and Solo Exhibitions:

2023. Feb-April. Solo exhibition at the Pyramid Gallery, York, England.

2022. September. Paine Art Centre & Gardens. Oshkosh WI, USA

2022. June 25-26. The Tin Shed. Ayton Castle Exhibition. Northumbria, England.

2022, May, Bergstrom Museum of Glass, Exhibition for the PCA Convention. Oshkosh WI, USA.

2022, April 30th-May 2nd. The Tin Shed. New Beginnings a Dialogue with Nature. Lady Waterford Hall, Northumbria UK.

 2022, Feb-May, Exhibition Paperweights in Bloom, Paine Art Centre & Gardens. Oshkosh WI, USA.

2019, May, Exhibition Flint Institute of Art, Flint, MI, USA                                                                                                                           

2017, Feb, Exhibition Crafts Council “Collect”, Saatchi Gallery, London.
2017, Feb, Exhibition Pearl Fincher Fine Arts Museum, Houston, Texas, USA.
2016, March-Apr, Exhibition “Raising Cane” Gallery of Fine Craft, WheatonArts, Millville, NJ, USA.
2015, Nov 28-May 2, Exhibition at Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA, USA.
2013, The Chase Exhibition at the RCA.
2010, Solo exhibition, Sheila Fleet Gallery, Edinburgh.
2010, Plowden & Thompson, Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, England.
2010, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, WI, USA.
2008-09, Bergstrom-Mahlar Museum, Neenah, WI.USA.
2008, St Josephs Gallery, Holland.
2008, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2007, Queens Gallery, Scotland.
2007, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2007, Gateshead Museum and Arts Centre, England.
2006, Queens Gallery, Scotland.
2006, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2006, Solo exhibition, Cicillia Colman Gallery, London.
2005, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2005, Collins Gallery, Scotland.
2004, The Wallace Collection, London.
2004, Rothchilds, Waddingstone Manor, England.
2004, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2004, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
2004, Queens Gallery, Scotland.
2003, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
2003, Queens Gallery, Scotland.
2003, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2003, Harley Gallery, England.
2003, Solo exhibition, Primavera Gallery, England.
2002, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2002, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
2002, St Andrews Art Centre, Scotland.
2001, Queens Gallery, Scotland.
2001, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
2000, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
2000, British Collection, British Luxury Council, England.
1999, V&A Museum, London.
1999, St Andrews Art Centre, Scotland.
1999, Strathearn Gallery, Scotland.
1999, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
1998, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
1997, Scottish Glass Society, Scotland.
1994, Guildhall, London.

Commissions and Public Collections:

2024 Murine cane slice, in the Museu do Vidro, Marinha Grande, Portugal. Part of the collection  donated by Tropi Tone.

2020, Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Air Twist glasses.

2014, Outlander Ltd, series 2. Air Twist Glasses. Outlander series 3. Outlander series 5.
Paxton House Scotland, public collection.
Nazeing Glass Museum, England, public collection.
Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, WI, USA public collection.
Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, England public collection.
New Bedford Museum of Glass, MA. USA public collection.

Flint Museum of Art, Flint MI. USA public collection.

Halliwell’s House Museum, Selkirk, Scotland.

Duchess of Bedford, Woburn Abbey.
Barings Bank.
Intelligent Finance.
Turk Phoenix.
Compact Computers.
Mammoth Film Studios for Austin Productions.
Hunterian Museum, Scotland.
Don Davis, Digi Graphica, Palm Springs, CA, USA.
Scottish Enterprise,
Scottish Borders Enterprise.
Scottish Borders Council.
Invercauld Castle.
Church of Scotland.
North of England P&I.
Duchess of Roxburgh.
The former Queen’s Canon, Dr, James Woodward, Windsor Castle.

Many of our private and corporate collectors do not wish to be named, and we respect their privacy.