Paperweights & Murrine

I mainly make “one of one” paperweights in the Classic French style with canes, such as my picture and rose canes, which are unique to me.   There are no others like them, mainly because I am self taught in these techniques so that my cane work is very different to anyone else’s.  I do not use millefiori except to create my complex murine.

The photos of the paperweights start at or near the beginning and show a progression as my art evolves over the years, they may not be the best weights made but are a good representation for the time period.

My inspiration for the special canes, is in the flora, fauna and surroundings of the Scottish Borders where we live and work.

Picture cane murine hold a special interest, and is the most difficult technique to master.  “Marilyn”, “Girl” and “Serene” each took weeks to make, making them very time consuming projects with no guarantee of success.



  • No1, swirl, torch worked flower, 2006.

  • No 2, Arran and Mike close pack, 2008.

  • No 3, concentric, 2008.

  • No 4, carpet ground, 2009.

  • No 5, carpet ground, 2009.

  • No 6, carpet ground, 2009.

  • No 7, butterfly silhouette's, 2010.

  • No 8, red rose canes. 2011.

  • No 9, blue rose complex canes. 2012.

  • No 10, concentric, 2013.

  • No 11, end of murine rose cane paperweight, 2014.

  • No 12, rabbit silhouette cane, 2014.

  • No 13, light yellow roses and daisy's, 2015.

  • No 14, red roses and daisy's, 2016.

  • No 15, Queen Elizabeth 2, 90th birthday weight, 2017

  • No 16, concentric, 2018.

  • No 17, a commissioned weight featuring our new rose cane and new Model T Ford car silhouette cane, 2019.

  • These Picture Canes are slices of murine showing front and back, made by Mike. Girl approx. 24mm Marilyn approx. 23mm

  • Concentric paperweight made in the old French style and is a one of one, 2018. Normal size Ht 5cm W 7cm Approx.

  • A one of one Closepack paperweight made in the old French style. 2018 Normal size approx. Ht 5cm W 7cm.

  • "Girl" one of our picture cane murine on a gold leaf and purple overlay. A one of one, 2017.

  • "Girl latticinio" paperweight, which is a one of one. 2017.

  • A lilac, blue and orange concentric, one of one. 2018.

  • "Girl" on a topaz purple and white latticinio ground, another one of one. 2018.

  • "Serene"- a new cane for 2018.

  • All new canes for 2018, including dancing lady and dancing man silhouette canes.

  • All new canes for 2018, including dancing lady and dancing man silhouette canes.

  • An older weight with the first butterfly silhouette cane I made.

  • 2018 as "Strictly come dancing" starts on the TV the dancing silhouette canes were made

  • Another 1 of 1 in the "Dancing" weights.