We now have an environmental policy that sees our glass-melting furnace off for really long periods of time, and therefore some of our production designs cannot be made. I have put an * by those designs, (Click on the image). We are continuing with our new making methods, and so it may be possible to make some of them in the future

We work just using a kiln and glory hole both of which can be switched off after use, unlike a glass-melting furnace.

Working with new production methods starting in 2010, we have reduced our  Natural Gas CO2 e output dramatically.

In our first year Jan 1st-Dec 31st 1999 our CO2 e was 98,467kg. Glass-melting furnace on full-time.

From July 27th 2021- July 16th 2022 our CO2 e was reduced to 53,742 kg. Glass-melting furnace on part-time.

From July 17th 2022-July 12th 2023 our CO2 e was reduced to 4,156 kg CO2 e. Glass-melting furnace off.

Please feel free to contact us about any item you see for availability.

The images shown are for guidelines only and are not actual pieces for sale, also the colours, cane patterns and size of murine (if used) may change slightly as well.


  • Air twist glasses in red wine, white wine, champagne. port and whisky tot. Cotton twists and colour twists also available.

  • Air twist candle holders, stem,9 inch, 7 inch and 5 inch. Available in cotton twist and colour twist.

  • Tutti, jug, large and small tumblers, clear with transparent murine inclusions.

  • Venice, finely blown clear wrythern ribbed with fine coloured rim, available with different coloured rims.

  • Zanfirico tumblers, finely blown zanfirico tumblers blown using the vetro a retortoili technique, different colourways available.

  • Pods, Giftware Association Gift of the year winner in 2004, pods in a variety of colourways.

  • More pods colourways.

  • More Pod colourways.

  • Pod Perfume, see Pods for colourways.

  • Illusion, stylish and classy the most difficult range we make. available in 3 colour combinations.

  • Swirl Incalmo, A swirl of "vetro a fili" colour with an incalmo band around the top (except perfume).

  • Swirly Vases, in various colours, transparent and opaque.

  • Flat Rainbow and Willow Pots.

  • Spiritual Bowls, large and small in a range of colour combinations.

  • Tutti, like the Spiritual Bowls, but with transparent murine inclusions, available in a variety of coloured rims.

  • Tutti Vases, in large and small sizes.

  • Tutti Frutti, Tutti murine and Fruitti canes Bowl and vase with black rim.

  • Incalmo, the joining together of two glass cups while hot, a difficult technique.

  • Incalmo perfume, Cherry bomb shape with organic shaped stopper.

  • More colour combinations.

  • Willow urchin. Finely blown pots in the Willow style decoration.

  • More Willow Urchin Pots.

  • Willow Spiritual bowl, Dimensions as the Large Spiritual Bowl but with coloured Willow decoration. Pictured with a Round Willow Pot.

  • Willow Bowl, Giftware Association Gift of the Year winner in 2005, white cane with black incalmo photo, other coloured bands available. Vase also in these colourways.

  • Willow bowl with black cane work this has a Lime green Incalmo top.

  • Willow bowl. Black cane work & Light Blue Incalmo top.

  • Coloured Willow Bowl. Like Willow but with coloured cane centre available in different coloured incalmo tops.

  • Speckled Contrast Incalmo Bowls. Available in two sizes and a small range of colour combinations.

  • Solid Robin & Wren

  • Solid Robin

  • Solid Blackbirds

  • Solid Swallows

  • Solid Penguins

  • Solid Chicks

  • Solid Hedgehogs

  • Thrush made from solid glass.

  • Magpies

  • Sparrows

  • Owls, solid, 80mm height approx. In stock.

  • Seals. New for 2021.

  • Seal. New for 2021.

  • Lizard Paperweight, Giftware Association Gift of the Year winner in 2002 available in 6 colourways.

  • Turquoise Lizard

  • Red Lizard.

  • Purple Lizard.

  • Green Lizard.

  • Blue Lizard.

  • Mushrooms available in five colourways.

  • Blown Fruit, Large and small hollow blown apples and pears.

  • Rio, Carnival colours in 5 different shapes.

  • More Rio shapes.

  • Melt, vessel with melting wax effect.

  • Squares, blown vessel with murine canes made from square cane, pulled and slices then added to surface.

  • Pop, black and white murine on light pastel opal colours.

  • Silhouette Vases, colourful vases with silhouette murine.

  • Silhouette Vase, edition of one of each only, crackle glass with aventurine and silhouette canes.

  • One of one, crackle vases and aventurine with silhouette canes in edition of 1 only.

  • Colourful characters with gowns covered in murine.

  • Cascade Stem Vases, Colour with a silver overlay, designed to hold a single rose or orchid stem, available in various colours with black rim.

  • Cascade Incalmo. Like Cascade Stem but with an incalmo top, vase available but not in picture.

  • Zanfirico Sweeties, Large sweets made from zanfirico canes

  • Zanfirico Xmas Balls different colour combinations available.

  • Zanfirico Birds, Snowy and Tawny Owls made from zanfirico canes using the vetro a retortoili technique.

  • Zanfirico Fish, Made in a variety of colour combinations.

  • Tawny and Snowy Zanfirico Owls.

  • Zanfirico Apple and Pear made without a leaf.

  • Short Penguin and Robin made with zanfirico canes.

  • Zanfirico Swallow.

  • Zanfirico Thrush and male and female Blackbirds.

  • Zanfirico Eggs, Available in red, purple, blue and green colourways.

  • Faith, Zanfirico cane jewellery with solid silver. Earrings also available.

  • Faith, Pendants and Earrings. Coloured Twists.

  • Faith, Pendants and Earrings. Plain colours and clear.