About Twists Glass

cenforce reviews Twists Glass Studio offers a unique range of handcrafted glass giftware and collectibles all designed and hand crafted by Mike and Sue Hunter. All designs remain the intellectual property of Mike and Sue Hunter, all images remain property of  Mike and Sue Hunter of Twists Glass Studio and are subject to copyright.

where can i buy real Clomiphene online The images of production pieces, and some specialised production pieces that are not “one of ones” are for reference only, as colours may vary slightly, also pattern layout and size of murine canes if used will also vary and no two pieces will be identical as all pieces are hand made. For the “one of one’s”, the images shown will be of that piece.

Twists Glass started in 1998.  Since then Mike has been leading the way in original glass design, specialising in Venetian cane working techniques.

About Michael James Hunter

Since starting as a trainee glass blower at Wedgwood Glass in 1974, Michael has exhibited internationally and has work in both private and public collections across the world. He has demonstrated and given presentations of his work across UK, in  Cologne, Germany as well as New Jersey, Chicago IL, Texas, Oklahoma, New England, Tacoma WA, Norfolk VA, Dearborn & Flint MI in the US, where he has been a regular visitor since 2006.

Mike and Sue Hunter demonstrating glass-making
Mike and Sue demonstrating in the hot shop at the Chrysler Museum of Glass in Norfolk VA.

A word from the artist

Since 1981 I have been fascinated by glass in cane form. Originally this fascination stemmed from an antique filigree marble I won as a 9 year old playing in the school playground.

As an apprentice at Wedgwood Glass starting in 1974 I became hooked on the creative journey this medium had to offer, every break I could be found trying to make my ideas real, some worked some did not, but I was learning.

In an old crate of glass left by a glass worker I found a single piece of millefiori, which I included into one of my “studio” pieces. About that time I purchased a book containing pictures of 16th Century Venetian glass and became spellbound by the intricacies of filigree cane work (reminiscent of the marble), I had found my direction.

Twists Studio Glass was founded in 1998 by Mike and his wife Sue, using recycled 24% lead crystal. Mike had worked with this type of glass all his working life. It fitted in nicely with our designing and manufacturing as well as Twists Glass recycle, reuse, remake policy. Caring for the environment involves implementing different work practices to reduce emissions without lowering standards of manufacture. One technique (see photo above) demonstrated at the Chrysler Museum of Glass hot shop in Norfolk VA in the USA, 2017.

 I am a (self-taught) master of cane working techniques since June 1974, when I first stepped onto the hot shop floor at Wedgwood Glass where I gained strong foundations. Not an easy journey, one more of trial and error, but satisfying to my inquisitive nature. This mind set of enquiry gave me the drive to overcome problems and to perfect these techniques to the highest standards. One gallery owner in Chicago said I was unique as all the other artists working in this way had been taught on Murano or by people who had been trained there. I have concentrated on cane working techniques, whilst the rest of Britain worked in Swedish and British Victorian styles, I was making Venetian filigree, now most of the studios in Britain are dabbling in cane work, a trend that I had set many decades earlier!

Working in both industry and studio has given my work a very distinctive look, stylish, classy and each piece made to museum quality.

One other thing that is noticeable in my art is the steady progression as the learning process evolved, this can be clearly seen with my one of one pieces. Usually these start with a “what if” idea and are often sold without being exhibited. I am a regular visitor to the USA where I exhibit, demonstrate and give presentations of my experience within this magical world.

Recent News

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