Just a quick note to say that I’ll be giving a presentation at the PCA Conference held in Warwick, Rhode Island USA on Thursday the 16th May at 11.20-12.05. My presentation is loosely based on my 50 Years in Glassmaking and my Art and follows my published article…50 Years in Glassmaking 25 Years of Twists […]

The PCA Convention for this year will be held in Warwick, Providence RI. It runs from May 15-18th. There will be demonstrations and presentations for those participating in this event. I will be giving a presentation on Thursday at 11 am. The talk will be about my 50 years as a glassworker, 25 of those […]

How does anyone cram 25 years let alone 50 years of glassmaking into a few paragraphs? I’ll give it a go! So I started work at the Wedgwood Glass factory in June 1974. I knew nothing about glassmaking, and in reality, I hadn’t given it much of a thought as to how glasses were made, […]

Twists Glass Studio is showing at Scotlands Trade Fair, the first time in a few years. This event will be held at the SECC Glasgow starting Sunday 21st-23rd Jan 2024. All of their handmade, mouth-blown and sculptured glass shown at the fair, has been made with the environment in mind. Twists Glass has since 2010 […]

                             So, mid-July saw our 25th anniversary of Twists Glass Studio. It’s been a very interesting 25 years which has seen me perfecting my self-education into cane working techniques. To learn these processes, it took many years of practising during dinner breaks while […]

                   2024 marks Michael James Hunter’s 50 years in glass-making. I started work at the Wedgwood Glass factory in mid-June of 1974, my job title was “Boy”. No female workers were working on the hot side back then at Wedgwood and possibly none at all the other glass-making […]

It’s been quite a while since I last put out a post. We have been really busy during this Pandemic with preparation work, working on new designs, sorting out a new flue on the furnace and putting insulation around it to make it more efficient. All the jobs that have been put off for years […]

The PCA Convention held in Dearborn, Michigan from May 15-18th is over and we returned home finally arriving on Monday 20th. Dearborn is the home of Henry Ford and the Ford Automobile Company, many of the attendees at the conference arrived early on Tuesday, and a trip was organised to the Henry Ford Museum was […]

Mid May quickly approaching means its PCA Convention time, this year its in Dearborn in the state of Michigan. Twists Glass Studio will be a part of the LH Selman stand where you can meet Mike and Sue personally and ask them tricky questions as to how we make our work, we won’t tell you […]