Scotlands Spring Fair 2024

Twists Glass Studio is showing at Scotlands Trade Fair, the first time in a few years. This event will be held at the SECC Glasgow starting Sunday 21st-23rd Jan 2024.

All of their handmade, mouth-blown and sculptured glass shown at the fair, has been made with the environment in mind. Twists Glass has since 2010 gradually lowered their CO2 output from 98.8 tons to 57.5 tons, then last year to 4.1 tons. This is a tremendous achievement for this small but forward-thinking company, and was only made possible by turning their glass-melting furnace off full-time, but, only after they had innovated new working techniques that allowed them to continue in production practices.

Twists Glass was finalised for a VIBES and Heritage Craft Award through these endeavours.

Making certain items without the glass melting furnace on isn’t impossible at the moment, but Mike and Sue have re-designed some of the old favourites.

We hope to see you there!


Wizard, mouth-blown vessels.