“Penguins on Holiday” This concept came from watching a wildlife documentary on penguins showing the harsh conditions they face on a daily basis, and I thought, “they could do with a holiday”. Featuring the humorous  side of my designing, all are dressed in their colourful holiday outfits formed from “zanfirico” cane, except one, the non-conformist […]

Michael and Susan Hunter have been chosen as finalists for an international award. Tableware International have just chosen their Awards of Excellence, the 17 categories in this international competition was open to designers and manufacturers of tableware. Altogether there were 274 entries with 148 tabletop brands from across the world and 28 international judges. Mike […]

Twists Glass Studio will be showing new work and work from their archive which will be for sale at the National Glass Fair which is held at the Motorcycle Museum just of the roundabout M42 for Coventry and the NEC. Having had a tidy up (for those of you who have visited us it still […]

Murrine is making a comeback in the glass world.  Most people mistakenly call this type of work millefiori, but millefiori is a basic form of murrina. One of the oldest forms of glass making the forming of murrine pre-dates glass blowing and is formed from overlay colours. There is a huge resurgence of this art […]

Originally Norfolk-based glass artists Mike and Sue Hunter have just reached 20 years of Twists Glass Studio which they founded in 1998.  Now based in the Scottish Borders, Twists Glass Studio is a multi award winning studio with designer makers Mike and Sue designing and making everything themselves.  Their work can be seen as far […]

Twists Glass Studio have been showing Jacobite style air-twist, cotton-twist and colour-twist glasses at the Spring Fair Birmingham for the past 20 years. Twists Glass Studio made the air-twist goblets as seen on the TV series Outlander as seen in Season 2, Episode 3. Technically, to actually be classed as Jacobite, the glasses have to […]

Scottish based glass artist Michael James Hunter and his wife Susan set up Twists Glass Studio twenty years ago this year. Among their many achievements during this time are Balvenie Scottish Artisan of the Year 2002, and the Giftware Association Gift of the Year Winners in their category 2002, 2004 and 2005. Michael and Susan […]